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Kathy & Mimi started Montmorenci Mini Milers in 2007.  They are very proud of their mini's, and love to say, "They are small, but  MIGHTY!"
Kathy Batchelor
Mimi Cullinan
Sunday afternoon drive with the 4-in hand in downtown Aiken, S. C.
A country drive in Hopelands Farm
Please contact us at:  803-502-1340 or

 Kathy Batchelor, once traveled the world for some of the most renowned circus venues ever.  While there she performed with her eight horse liberty act, her dressage dancing horses, incorporating Roman and Cossacks riding acts.  She was a principal entertainer on the Royal Lippizan Stallion show, also working other shows both on tour and under tent.  She traveled the Orient, South America, Canada, Mexico, and 5 tours of the United States. 
 She then turned to the world of polo, rising to one of the top 10 women players in the world.  Kathy owned Tri-Valley Polo, her own polo club located in California, and in South Carolina.  Having retired from the sport of Polo, she found herself with no horses, and just "couldn't have that". So one day she bought a wonderful miniature driving horse for the grand kids, and low and behold, just like Lays Potato Chips, nobody can have with just one!
            With so many people asking her for trained miniature driving horses, she moved to Montmorenci, just east of Aiken, South Carolina, and started the Montmorenci Mini Milers Farm where they raise, and train miniature horses to drive.  (She also trains people too!)
 Kathy competes all along the east coast but does not compete in the miniature horse world, instead she competes in the American Driving Society Shows putting her mini"s up against, Morgan, Belgium, Friesian, and all other sorts of horse breeds.
            Kathy sells her teams from coast to coast having presently sold horses to Oregon, Ohio, Oklahoma, California, Texas, and many in the Carolinas.  She specializes in black and whites mini’s for kids, and adults to drive in all situations such as, parades, trail drives, marathons, CDE’s, and pleasure shows.
Kathy and her partner Mimi Cullinan show their horses as often as possible.  They can set up for parties, trail drives, vacations, and most any time a team is needed.  Last year for Christmas the Montmorenci Mini Milers team was requested for parades all over Aiken County.
 Now with the economy so tight, we have the perfect downsized equestrian version for the true horse lovers.  Mini's satisfy mainly 2 categories.  First, they are for older people wanting an easier way to work with an equine that is less intimidating, secondly, Mini's are a truly fun and enjoyable equine for the people that need to watch their penny's. This sport can cost a bit much at times.
 A Miniature Horse can cost from $800 to $8000. Depending of course on how much you want to get into it.  For the cost of a good saddle horse a person can get a mini, driving harness and small cart to drive all day long.
 Be sure to talk to Kathy or Mimi and find out about the joy of having these fun little equines.  They may be small…but they are MIGHTY!