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Please contact us at (803) 502-1340, or  minimilers@aol.com
A fall drive in the Audobon Woods
"Big Red" being driven in the Christmas Parade in Wagner, S.C.
Gosh & Darn-it
FOR SALE: Marathon Wagonette by Kutzman, for                     Single or Pair $3,800
Spring Wagon for Single, or Pair

FOR SALE: Raber Wagonette                    for Single, Pair,or     4 in hand.
FOR SALE:  Easy Entry Carts
    Prices range from:
    $425 - $475
FOR SALE:  We carry a large inventory of mini harness.  Sizes "A", and "B". They are available in single, pair, tandum, or 4-in-hand.  Leather or Bio.  We also sell collars. 
Prices starting at $200 for harness.
FOR SALE:  Kutzman Feel X
Like New